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The following tributes have been posted by paddle-purchasers:

For Carole Gerst left by Patricia A Johnston on 2/7/11
Carole is one of the Wild Women from White Bear Lake. We have been tripping for 18 years, mostly in the BWCA. Her recent diagnosis stunned us all. But the prognosis is great. Stage 1, partial mastectomy, no lymph nodes affected, radiation only. She's a fighter. And she will win to go with us for many, many years. So to Carole, and all the others fighting this horrible disease, hang in there, you are loved. Pat, Paulette, Robin, Carol, Sharon, Andrea, Jan, Cindy, Teri and Nancy

For Family of Roberta Moore left by Roberta Moore on 4/2/07
I pay tribute to my mother, my aunts and cousins and all who have lost their battles with this insidious monster. I also pay tribute to Jackie, Carolyn, Beth, Mary, Cristi, Linda and all those who have survived and all those who continue to battle breast cancer. I am the very first breast cancer survivor in my family and before I was diagnosed I believed, because of my family history, that a diagnosis of breast cancer was a death sentence. 6 years later, I believe my diagnosis was more of a "LIFE sentence", meaning I will continue to live life as fully as possible and yes, I will survive! I will paddle "pink" and with every stroke, pray that every effort, every bit of research, everything we do, will finally eradicate breast cancer. I hope, with all my heart, that my granddaughters and their daughters will think of breast cancer as a disease that somebody might have mentioned, something that happened a long, long time ago.

For Gail Engdahl left by Frederick R Engdahl Jr on 2/23/07
My wife, Gail, is a breast cancer survivor who enjoys canoeing and kayaking with her family. She was instrumental in starting a cancer support group in Rice Lake Wisconsin, our former home, and works with women who have been diagnosed--and are being treated for--breast cancer in her life coaching business. She continues to spend time as a volunteer actively engaged in raising awareness about breast cancer, and her enthusiastic spirit and big heart have been a wonderful gift to other women who are struggling with the emotional and physical scars incurred from a cancer diagnosis.

For Bess Miller left by Rebecca Gardner on 11/30/06
My mother, a lover of the outdoors and my inspiritation for mountain climbing and backpacking, passed in 1992 before I was introduced to the magnificant Boundary Waters/Quetico. In 1995, a colleague invited me on a Boundary Waters trip, women only, where the only rule is that you must leave your husbands, partners, and kids at home. I had no idea how this now annual trip, and the bond with these women, "The Femmes du Norde", would become so special to me. I'm just so sad the my mother did not survive her battle with cancer so as to experience this adventure with the wonderful Femmes. This is for you, Mom, an honorary Femme du Norde!

For Elaine Pfarr left by sue prom on 5/10/06
Although my mother did not die from breast cancer she was taken from me at the young age of 51 in 1995. Rarely does a day go by that I do not think of her and wonder what it would be like to have her here. I wish she could hold my pink paddle in her hand but I will have to settle for holding her in my heart.

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